The Greek healthcare system

The network of hospitals and clinics in Crete is very close, if you take in to consideration both the public and the private sectors. Medical care in Greece is based on two parallel existing systems:

  1. governmental public sector
    • outpatient sector - primary care
      • medical centers of the state health insurance (IKA / EOPYY)
      • resident doctors with approval by the state health insurance (IKA/EOPYY)
    • inpatient sector - secondary care
      • public hospitals
  2. private sector
    • outpatient sector - primary care
      • private resident doctors
    • inpatient sector - secondary care
      • private hospitals and clinics

Due to massive cost reductions in the governmental public sector in recent years significant shortage of material and especially staff is noticeable. Such constraints are not found in the private health sector in Greece. The medical qualification, technical equipment and quality standards are usually at Western European levels.

Currently the Greek health care system experiences a phase of drastic transformation and restructuring. Thus, the original strict separation between the public governmental and private health sector is increasingly relaxed in order to ensure a comprehensive health care for the population.

Inpatient treatment After the lastest health reform by the Greek government, for example, private hospitals are allowed to officially treat a patient who are in the public health insurance sector, if they have obtained a contract with the main Greek health insurance organisation, EOPYY. Prior to this, treatment was only possible in governmental hospitals. More information on health insurance and cost coverage >>

Outpatient treatment In the outpatient sector, however, there is still an apparent separation between the public and the private medical sector. The number of physicians, with an approval from the Public health insurance, is comparatively very low. Thus, publicly insured people often have to undergo excessive waiting times to see a doctor, who is approved by the public health insurance. Fairly often, these patients have to consult a private physician on their own, in the case of a sudden illness in order to avoid these long waiting times.

Pharmacies You may find numerous pharmacies, which can all be identified by their green crosses. Emergency and travel medications are available and can be obtained without difficulties.

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